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Shenzhen bay port first Taiwan visa-free entry passengers

Date: 2015-07-10

Yesterday, the shenzhen bay border checkpoint ushered in the first holding Taiwan compatriots certificate to visa-free entry passengers in Taiwan. It is reported, this is also the implementation in Taiwan from the mainland from visa policy on the first day the first Taiwanese passenger to from shenzhen bay port of entry.
Yesterday morning, a Chen Taiwanese passenger holding with Taiwan compatriots certificate through the shenzhen bay port of entry. Shenzhen bay border checkpoint police quickly for the passengers to the entry formalities, but 10 seconds before and after. For Taiwan residents shall simplify, Mr. Chen said excitedly: "long ago to do a visa to mainland, cumbersome procedures, now visa-free, bringing us great. A family feeling stronger." According to the shenzhen bay border checkpoint statistics, as of 16:00 on the day, by the shenzhen bay port of entry and exit of the Taiwan compatriots about 800 passengers.
The shenzhen bay border warm prompt: Taiwan compatriots certificate valid for the same, still for five years. Taiwan compatriots to apply for Taiwan compatriots certificate channel remains unchanged, from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions, apply to the mainland to the exit and entry administration sent or entrusted by the ministry of public security agency to apply for. To Taiwan residents for automated customs information collection for the record, the validity of the automated customs information will be automatically adjust to the validity of the pass Taiwan residents to and from China, no need to apply for acquisition can be automated inspection channels to put on record formalities. Taiwan passengers (including employees) hold the passport to Taiwan residents to and from China (except for an effective) the entry and exit, no longer the YanQiZhang.