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Shenzhen metro line 11 June next year

Date: 2015-07-10

According to learn, shenzhen metro line 11 has entered the track laying and equipment installation phase, expected this year car depot for pick you at the end of September, the first train will also be launched at the end of this year, 12 test run, broadly opened on June 30 next year passenger trial operation. This is the domestic first at speeds of up to 120 kilometers of subway, only 29 minutes to the airport after the completion of Mr Fukuda, the terminal head is only 50 minutes.
All set up 18
Metro line 11 since fukuda hub, futian, nanshan, baoan, three administrative region, connections fukuda, che, houhai, sea before, such as airports, shajing and matsuoka area. This is shenzhen east in western union, enhance spike guan hong more cooperation development, promote the sea before opening, accelerate, d.c., the integration of the airport fast road line, also is the present domestic one-time completed the longest line, investment, with the largest scale and highest design speed of urban rail line.
Lines including underground 39.349 km long and 51.936 km elevated 11.136 kilometers long, the transition is 1.451 kilometers long. 18 across the board, the transfer station, there are 11 can and has the opening of the metro line 1, line 2, line 5, transfer, and construction of metro line 7, 9, transfer, set aside the future and the original subway line 10 (south Po line), line 13 (shajing line) shuttle transfer conditions.
Track the relevant person in charge of office of shenzhen, said metro line 11 starting point and end point are reserved to extend the condition. It is understood that the line is expected to east to Shanghai hotel, north to and dongguan rail transit feeder.
The highest running speed of 120 km
Metro line 11 function orientation of western group express both airport fast road line, speed up to 120 km per hour, and ordinary subway lines maximum running speed of 80 km.
City track the relevant person in charge of office said, Mr Fukuda segment at the airport station spacing is bigger, pay attention to the vehicle running speed, combined with the stop in the middle of the time it's only 29 minutes; Airport to brigitte head section emphasizes the line coverage, a station spacing is small, and rail transportation network can be extended to shajing, matsuoka, etc, the original dc to traffic after fukuda brigitte head off at the terminal time is as long as more than 50 minutes.
Metro line 11 BT unit construction, said an official with the China railway construction investment group related to metro line 11 run faster more steady, shield tunnel machine USES is the nation's largest shield machine, and track also USES high-speed precision measurement technology laid, can improve the circuit operating comfort requirements.
The first train at the end of September this year DiShen static debugging
The relevant person in charge of the China railway construction investment group, after three years of efforts, more than 10000 builders of the metro line 11 civil engineering, building base has been basically completed, track project in full swing, equipment installation decorate all comes into play.