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Shenzhen traffic police stressed: in shenzhen meet any round cakes red light can turn right

Date: 2015-07-10

On May 26, shenzhen traffic police department issued a round cake can be right since the announcement of a red light, shenzhen traffic police on weibo about almost every day many times "round cakes red light can turn right", the media have made propaganda for many times, but still have a lot of citizens don't know this "welfare".
Present situation investigation
Car owners in the pie red light "not" turn right
On 6 July 17, deep night reporters came to the sea entrance FuZhong Road intersection, it is due to peak soon, as there are many cars on the road. Deep night reporters waiting for an hour, found that after the intersection nearly a car without a right turn at a red light, the round cakes lamps including private cars, taxi and small container truck.
At about 17, a black Mercedes vans in the round cakes light stopped for a red light and rear has eight cars waiting in line, not the driver honked, or far, dipped headlight switch tip in front of the vehicle. And when the green light up, eight cars are turn to the right.
"I know this policy, but in front of the vehicle does not walk, I also dare not to rush, afraid prompt wrong let the other side break the law, or the most safe and so on." Silver modern owner Mr. Liu said.
Then, deep night reporters came to when they are well all the way a circular pie intersections, also found a lot of a right turn at a red light when habitual vehicles such as the green, even causing car go slow. Has the owner said: "I already get into the habit of red light, even know the policy is habitual waiting. Now red light punishment so severe, or wait for the safer."
Shenzhen traffic police bureau and technology monitoring division deputy section chief, said Liu Yi since round cakes red light allows the right policy, shenzhen traffic police had not received red citizen complaint of right to be punished.
"The main problem now or citizens driving habits, worry about round cakes red light turn right punishment." Liu Yi said, "now many taxi drivers know this policy, but we found that they are round cakes are still reluctant to turn right at a red light."
Stressed several times
Shenzhen traffic police microblog set-top resolution policy
Deep night reporter discovery, although the shenzhen traffic police through the media and weibo repeatedly emphasized the round cakes red light to turn right, the media had also did many times reports of round cakes red light to turn right, but there are still people in the round cake for the red light to turn right question intertwined. Shenzhen traffic police bureau weibo administrator Liu Songchao is introduced, the recent netizens DMS shenzhen traffic police microblog consulting the matter, to this end, 6 weibo small make up round cake specially made in shenzhen red light can turn right tew weibo sticky on the front page, for public reference.
Besides, there are also citizens, they usually drive habitual see mark, hope the traffic department can be placed in the round cakes traffic lights at the junction "red light turn right are allowed" sign. "Feel there is a clear sign to let us rest assured bold." Li yan said.