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Shenzhen introduce new graduates rent subsidy standard guide to application for undergraduate RMB 6000 / person

Date: 2015-07-10

With the coming of the graduation season many welcome the graduates looking for work again, and we have learned, this year on January 1 received by shenzhen's new graduates, on-the-job personnel is new, newly introduced returned students studying abroad may apply to the issuing of rent subsidies, the standard is RMB 6000 / person, m.a. Dr RMB 9000 / person, RMB 12000 / person. This article to introduce the newly introduced in shenzhen graduates rental application.
The application requirements:
A, scope of application
On January 1, 2015 by the city, area of human resources department (including new district, before the modern service industry zone, hereinafter referred to as the municipal, district) in the human resources department to receive the new graduates, new ZhaoDiao on-the-job personnel, introduction of returned overseas Chinese. Members shall not apply for agencies and institutions. Introduce new talent must go through the formalities for the talent introduction to the city, area of human resources department to apply for issuing rent subsidies (will be subject to import approval document official seal, dated unit).
Second, the application conditions
(a) degree requirements: bachelor degree or above, degree to the import formalities declaration shall prevail;
(2) age conditions: receive fresh graduates and newly introduced returned students studying abroad has no age limit. New ZhaoDiao on-the-job personnel shall meet the following conditions: age of undergraduate are under 30 years old, master degree under the age of 35, Dr. Under 40. The age conditions to transfer into the annual January 1 as judge point.
(3) the issuing conditions: with the city's household registration, are not enjoy preferential policies that buy a house, not rent downtown two levels of government and public housing, has not enjoyed government rent subsidies. Secondary in addition to the need to meet the above conditions, still need to at the same time accumulated in deep pay three month endowment insurance.
1, buy preferential policies include: purchase housing or enjoy housing subsidies, high-level overseas talents incentive subsidies.
2, of the following as enjoyed rent subsidies:
(1) enjoyed talents renting subsidies or purchase discount;
(2) enjoyed the original high school junior talent rent subsidies;
(3) enjoyed new introduce talents rent subsidies.
3, introduce new talent leaseholders concerning the distribution of the key enterprises and institutions shall be oriented with rent public housing or sea before administration with affordable housing properties of talents apartment, as rent for public housing.
Third, application period
"Colleges and universities graduates of introduction", "student registration administration of introduction and notice the recruit, introduce one year from the date of examination and approval documents issued by. Did not submit an application within a prescribed period of time, as the waiver application.
Four, subsidies standards
Undergraduate 6000 yuan/person; Master of RMB 9000 / person; Dr RMB 12000 / person.
Five, the distribution of accounts
Rent subsidies account for financial social security card bank account by default. At the end of the issue list of the public, introduce new talent rent subsidy system will automatically obtain the applicant's financial social security card account information. If the applicant is not in a timely manner to deal with financial social security card and open bank accounts, appropriated the next cycle system extracted to financial subsidies of the reentry after social security card account.